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Set up A Self-Managed Superfund

With Squirrel, you are in charge of your superannuation. We’ve made the process of setting up and running an SMSF simple and affordable, so you can focus on growing your nuts for retirement.

Be in total control of your superannuation with an SMSF

Squirrel’s intuitive platform allows you to set up an SMSF and manage your superannuation yourself. With Squirrel, you take charge for how your super is invested. The risks and rewards of your investments are totally down to you.

Why Switch To An SMSF?

Invest How You Want

Whether you want to save on fees, take control of your risk strategy or invest in certain assets, there are many reasons people choose to switch to an SMSF. With the Squirrel platform you have full flexibility and support for your SMSF. We are also a helping hand in making sure your investments comply with the ATO.

Super Tax Benefits

Currently, the top marginal tax rate on your income is 45% and capital gains is 25%. However, the tax rates for your super’s income is just 15% on income, 10% on capital gains and 0% in ‘pension phase’. Investing in property with an SMSF could prove beneficial from a tax perspective - but remember there are also risks to an SMSF.

Save On Fees

Our flat-rate admin fee of $121 per month (inc GST) is one of the best SMSF rates on the market and stays the same no matter how much your super balance grows. That’s because, unlike managed funds, we don’t base our fees on a percentage of your super balance. Find out more on our setup and admin fees here.

  • Invest Your Money

    With an SMSF, you can invest your super, your way. Squirrel look after the SMSF setup and administration side, so you can focus on your investments- but remember, having this level of responsibility for your investment performance carries great risks if you are inexperienced.

  • Manage Your Investments

    Buy and sell shares on the move, manage the ins and outs of your investment property and access high quality research on listed shares, exchange traded funds and hybrid securities. With an SMSF, you’re in total control.

  • Secure And Safe

    Our platform is 100% secure from any unwanted possums or people accessing your account. You can be assured that all your information is well-protected by our innovative and market-leading technology and we also do not share your details with anyone.

  • Tree Of Support

    As well as a super intuitive platform, you’ll have access to our hugely knowledgeable team of support staff. These guys and girls are the ones who look after the setup, accounting and audit process for your SMSF (not your investments however - that’s down to you).

  • Risks of an SMSF

    Before you start an SMSF, it is important to fully understand that there are risks to consider. A few risks of an SMSF are outlined below: 

    We do not provide financial advice or advise whether an SMSF is appropriate for your financial plans, circumstances, or situation needs. We recommend that you speak with a professional financial adviser before deciding to establish an SMSF so you can fully understand the risks involved.

    Your SMSF will not be eligible for compensation if it suffers a loss as a result of fraud or theft.

    The SMSF members have to resolve their own complaints or obtain their own legal assistance. 

    SMSF members do not have access to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.

    SMSFs are regulated by the ATO and require regular compliance. You will be responsible for compliance and making sure you are able to keep up to date with changes in the laws and regulations.

    SMSFs have costs to run the fund, including investing, accounting, and auditing. You must consider if these costs may have a significant impact on your retirement. Make sure that your SMSF will have a balance large enough to have a cash balance to cover these costs.

    Super funds often offer discounted life and disability insurance. With an SMSF you would need to purchase your own insurance. Before terminating your existing superannuation account review your insurance and insurance options and costs.

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Benefits of Using Super To Buy Property

There’s a reason so many of our clients use their superannuation to buy property through an SMSF.

  • Property is generally considered to be a safe investment, especially in Australia where real estate can double in value every 10 years in the capital cities.
  • A growing population means there’s a bigger demand for rental property.
  • Your SMSF will gain a passive income from your investment in property. I.e. you don’t really have to do all that much in comparison to share trading.

Responsibilities Of Investing In Property

Buying an investment property has many benefits, as well as some responsibilities and risks to consider.

  • As a landlord, you will need to manage the tenants of investment property. This includes finding them, doing background checks and ensuring they pay their rent on time.
  • If you put all of your super balance into a property, this reduces the diversification of your investments. Essentially you’ll have all your eggs in one basket. So you need to be sure that where you’re buying will have some capital growth, or at least provide you with a constant stream of potential tenants.
  • Your property’s value could decrease if something major happens to the economy and you bought at the height of the market.

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