What Can You Invest Your Super In?

When you set up a self managed super fund (SMSF) you are in control of how your superannuation is invested. It’s important to have an investment strategy that will help you achieve your retirement savings and lifestyle goals.

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Here are some of the popular assets our clients are investing their super in:

Many of our clients have used their superannuation to buy an investment property, either buying it individually, or pooling the funds of up to four people as part of their trust structure. Having a tangible asset that not only accrues in value, but also provides a positive cash flow stream in retirement is one of the main reasons so many people prefer to use their SMSF to buy property.

Having the freedom to invest in the Australian or International companies or indexes that you have researched and chosen yourself are one of the main reasons that our customers switch from a traditional managed fund to a Squirrel SMSF. If you think you could generate higher returns for your fund than your current fund manager, then this may be a great option for you.

Gold, Silver and other precious metals are often seen as safer investment than shares as they tend to hold their value and are generally protected from PES factors such as inflation and civil unrest. They are not risk free, but this investment type is popular with many SMSFs.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are a brand new asset class that many of our SMSF customers are utilising as part of their high risk diversification strategies. If you have researched cryptos and believe that investing in them could help you build your wealth for retirement, you can start an SMSF to invest your super in them.

Whether you’re undecided on your investment strategy, or just want to hold your super in a term deposit for the time being; this is possible with a Squirrel SMSF. Find out more on cash and term deposits today.

From Gold to Fine Art, Antiques to Jewellery; our customers are diversifying their portfolios by investing in collectibles. If you have expertise in collectible assets and believe they could bring you a good return for your super, then you can use your SMSF to invest in them.

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Why Squirrel?

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Unique SMSF Platform

Our intuitive software is not only easy to use, it’s easy to access. You can manage your investments at the tap of a finger whenever you want. Sign up online and access from anywhere at anytime.

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Huge Fee Savings

We have a flat fee structure, which we consider to be much fairer than the % fee structure that managed funds and other SMSFs operate on. There are absolutely zero add-ons or extra fees that you’ll be asked to pay over the lifetime of your investments and no matter how many trustees you have, you’ll pay the same flat fee of $121 per month (inc GST). Find out more on our setup and admin fees here.

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Compliance Covered

We look after all the annual compliance requirements of your SMSF at no extra cost! This covers your financial statements, trustee statements, tax returns and audits, which are all included in the low annual fee.

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Training And Support

We offer full training and ongoing support to all our customers at no extra cost. Whether you call, email or send us a carrier pigeon hundreds of times, we’re on hand to speak with you about your concerns.

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Knowledge and reliable staff, cost-effective. I have already recommended Squirrel to friends. Thank you for setting up the SMSF, all the hard work was done for me – from start to finish.   Melissa, ACT