Tue 28 Aug, 2018

How Mark Uses an SMSF to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Hearing about self-managed super funds from my friends, I often thought about setting one up. But what really interested me about SMSFs, was the ability to invest in cryptocurrency. I was an avid watcher of Andreas Antonopoulos’ videos on Youtube, and wanted to get into the cryptocurrency market.

When I heard about Squirrel on the Independent Reserve, and then again in a Facebook bitcoin group, I felt like it was time to act. By that point, I had conducted a lot of my own research into investing in cryptos and dealing with the regulations and restrictions. I felt well-informed and ready to have more freedom with my investments. Which for me, meant setting up an SMSF to invest in cryptocurrency.

At first, I was attracted to Squirrel’s cute name. However, after my initial call with them, I was blown away by how friendly, helpful and reliable the staff was. They were always fast to answer my questions and concerns. And thanks to their expertise, I found the on-boarding process to be much more simple and painless than what I thought.

Fortunately, Squirrel provides more services than just answering questions. In fact, the staff went above and beyond their call of duty when assisting with the setup of my SMSF. For example, they helped me setup a dual bank account, as my friend didn’t have enough money to start his own fund. While my last super company managed my funds well, I never felt really responsible for my investments. Squirrel has given me the care and support I needed, while also giving me the opportunity to be fully in control of my investments.

I have used my Squirrel SMSF to invest in cryptocurrency - something I’ve always been interested in. Thanks to Squirrel, my investment strategy is now something I both have more control over and more interest in.

Squirrel is a great choice for anyone that knows about Bitcoin and wants to be able to invest in cryptocurrency. Honestly, Squirrel has been a great all ’round experience, thank you!

-Mark, 43, NSW