Mon 22 Oct, 2018

Introducing Squirrel’s First SMSF Webinar

With over 600,000 SMSFs and 1.1 million SMSF trustees in Australia, self-managed super funds are growing faster than ever. However, despite this growth, there are still some big misconceptions around SMSFs. Unfortunately, these myths are often one of the prevailing reasons why many Aussies don’t take control of their super with an SMSF.

But don’t worry, our Squirrels can help debunk these myths in our very first SMSF webinar!

On November 8, 2018, two leading SMSF specialists tackled the 11 most common SMSF myths out there. In this unmissable SMSF webinar, you will not only learn the truth about self-managed super funds, but you will also learn about unknown tricks and loopholes that can help you save more for your retirement.

What is the SMSF Webinar About?

This webinar will focus on 11 common misconceptions around self-managing your super fund. The webinar will discuss misconceptions around how SMSFs work, the rules and regulations SMSFs need to follow, and what’s required from trustees who manage their own superfund. We’ll examine each of these misconception, and determine whether they’re fact or fiction.

What Will I Learn From this Webinar?

Here at Squirrel, we’re dedicated to helping Aussies learn about their ability to take control of their super should they choose to. That’s why, with this SMSF webinar, we hope you will learn the truth about self-managing your own superfund!

Int his webinar, you will also learn:

  • How much you really need to start an SMSF
  • The costs of setting up an SMSF
  • Little known loopholes of SMSF restrictions
  • How to take advantage of tax benefits for your SMSF investments
  • What it really takes to manage your own superfund
  • If an SMSF is really right for you


How to Watch a Recording of this SMSF Webinar

If you missed our live webinar, don’t worry you can still watch it! Simply click below to watch a recording of our webinar to learn whether these 11 SMSF myths are fact or fiction: