Mon 23 Jul, 2018

How Squirrel Helped Andrew Take Control of His SMSF

Being in a management role professionally, I was always intrigued by SMSFs, or self-managed super funds. I loved the idea of having more control over my super and personally managing my investments to get the best returns on my funds as possible. Not to mention I was tired of dealing with my financial planner, who was only interested in his own commissions and how he could make more money from my super.

So when I decided to set up an SMSF, I wanted to choose a company that would really care about me and my super. I wanted an SMSF company that would empower me to take full control of my retirement goals.

Unfortunately, when I first decided to set up a self-managed super fund, I did not choose Squirrel. The SMSF company I did choose did not provide me with the personal care and support that Squirrel provides me on a weekly basis. In fact, I found their service to be disastrous for me and my SMSF. They just weren’t providing me with the tools I needed to help me meet my retirement goals.


How Squirrel Helped Andrew Take Control of His SMSF | Squirrel Super


Luckily, after conducting some online research, I was able to find Squirrel. From the very beginning, the Squirrel staff was friendly, informative and responsive. When I spoke to them over the phone, Kishani in particular was amazing and helpful. She made me feel comfortable and confident in Squirrel’s SMSF services.

When I began the process to sign up with Squirrel, they went above and beyond to ensure the on-boarding process was as easy and painless as possible. Kishani again was helpful every step of the way, working alongside me until I was fully on-board with Squirrel.

Fortunately, Squirrel’s services don’t stop once you’re on-board. Their unlimited customer service policy was very helpful for me, especially when my SMSF was audited by the ATO. The Squirrel team’s expertise made this daunting and stressful process more bearable. Kishani talked me through some questions I might be asked, and suggested I do the CPA online course for SMSF trustees, which I did. With her help, I was much more prepared for the audit, and I’m now much more confident in managing my own super.

I would like to thank Squirrel for their assistance and guidance through every step of the way. The expert team has made it possible for me to manage my SMSF and I now have full control of my super and can choose investment assets that benefit my retirement goals.

Thank you Squirrel!

-Andrew, 45, NSW